AWS CICD Automation Complete Reference for Prod ready system

A complete reference course for the Application developers and DevOps engineers to work with various AWS DevOps tools Click here

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What you’ll learn

  • CodeCommit, Git operations like creating branches, pull requests, check conflicts and merge
  • Check code automated code review using CodeGuru
  • Create artifactory for your software packages using CodeArtifact
  • Create a repository to store docker images using ECR
  • Pull image from the repository and deploy
  • Use CodeBuild to build a docker image and push to ECR
  • Create an ECS cluster and use Fargate to deploy spring-boot service
  • How rolling update deployment works
  • Create an automated flow for CICD using CodePipeline
  • Add a manual approval stage in CodePipeline
  • Use CodeDeploy service in CodePipeline to deploy docker image from ECR to Fargate
  • Route traffic through load balancer
  • Complete hands-on experience based on actual production scenario
  • Multiple assignments per section to help practicing learners
  • ECS Rolling update Lab
  • ECS Blue-Green Deployment using CodeDeploy Lab
  • Amazon EKS lab. Create cluster and worker nodes, Install kubectl in the local system and connect to EKS cluster

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