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AWS Lab-based training session focused on AWS DevOps hands-on practice of real scenarios of the production environment in any IT organization.

About the Program: This online 8 sessions program is all about knowing AWS DevOps and how to use it. The hands-on tutorial and guidance in this course will help you to use AWS professionally as it is used in the production system of any IT organization. The program will also help to prepare for AWS certification. Please check the session agenda.

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Why take this course:

1. This 8 sessions course is designed for AWS interested IT professionals who are already using AWS at the workspace or AWS aspirants looking for better role/job opportunities in any IT organization.

2. Session will be delivered by an experienced IT professional. check LinkedIn profile click here

3. Attendees will get the AWS DevOps Complete Reference Udemy course by the instructor for FREE. It is a huge benefit for every participant.

Please Note: Registering for this single event will enroll the participants for all 8 sessions. Session-wise separate calendar invitations will be sent to the registered. participants only.

About Instructor: Instructor ‘Som’ is an AWS Certified Developer and Solutions Architect. As well as Udemy Instructor. More than a decade of experience in IT software development in Banking & Finance and Insurance industries. Holds many international certifications in various technology, domain, and project management areas. Currently a working professional as AWS Solution Architect in an MNC.

Schedule: Every Tuesday and Thursday Time 7 PM to 8 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time). Total 8 sessions.

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AWS Lab-based coaching session.

Session 1: ( Quick revision of AWS concepts and a few important services. Helpful for beginners in AWS to catch up with the Lab practices )Overview of Cloud Computing, AWS Cloud Computing, Create AWS Free Tire account. AWS Billing and Pricing. Identity and Access Management (IAM). AWS Compute, AWS Storage, Amazon VPC,

Session 2: Lab practice: Deploy a spring-boot webservice in EC2. AWS Cloud Security, Elastic Load Balancing, Scaling

Session 3: Lab practice: AWS DevOps, CodeCommit, CodeArtifact

Session 4: Lab practice: Elastic Container Registry, CodeBuild, Build docker image of a spring-boot microservice and push to ECR

Session 5: Lab practice: Create an ECS cluster , task definitions and service to deploy a spring-boot microservice. How Rolling update works? Difference between rolling update and blue-green deployment.

Session 6: Lab practice: Create CodePipeline, use CodeDeploy to deploy spring boot microservice.

Session 7: Lab practice: Amazon MQ , loosely coupled and robust microservice designing. create producer, consumer and Amazon MQ.

Session 8: Lab practice: Course revision, Q&A, AWS Certification guidance. AWS Job roles and opportunities discussion.

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